Love, Courage and Wisdom

LOVE without COURAGE and WISDOM is sentimentality,
as with the ordinary church member.

COURAGE without LOVE and WISDOM is foolhardiness,
as with the ordinary soldier.

WISDOM without LOVE and COURAGE is cowardice,
as with the ordinary intellectual.

Therefore one with LOVE, COURAGE, and WISDOM
is one in a million who moves the world,
as with JESUS, BUDDHA, and GANDHI.

Aamon Hennacy

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2 comments on “Love, Courage and Wisdom
  1. Lou Francis says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just wondering how I may subscribe to your blog?

    • cwalsh says:

      Hi Lou
      You can subscribe to my twitter feed or the facebook page or get RSS feeds. You can find links to do this at the top right hand side of the blog page.

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